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Graphtec FC8600 delivers speed and force.

with an unparallel 600gf maximum cutting force.


The Graphtec FC8600 series cutting plotters outclass others with its highest cutting force - 600gf maximum cutting force for cutting wider range of materials. Plotter size ranges from 60 inches to 160 inches.

Precision and accurate with ease of use! The FC8600 is the best precision grit-rolling cutter.


Ease of Use
The best precision Grit-rolling Cutter

Highest cutting force in its class
600gf maximum cutting force for cutting wider variety of materials.

Fastest cutting speed in its class
1485mm/s maximum cutting speed for the higher productivity

Reliable long-length tracking
Stronger internal structure for improved media handling. The Optional flange set, new designed media basket and 3 different pressure push rollers provides more control on long length cutting for guaranteed 50 feet tracking.

FC8600 series Graphtec's Flagship Grit-rolling cutter
Providing the high performance and functions and greater ease of use.
Family of 5 sizes with superior specifications and Enhanced functions.

Highest cutting force in its class.
600gf maximum cutting force for cutting wider range of materials.
Fastest cutting speed in its class.1485mm/s maximum cutting speed for the highest productivity.

Reliable long-length tracking capability.
The 3 step push roller provides a more stable long length cutting for 15m (50feet) tracking guarantee for cutting wider range of materials.*When Using with Graphtec specified media and cutting condition.

Wide range of cutting areas.
Up to 24”, 30”, 42”, 54” and 64” width media can be cut by each size of models.

Five sizes choose from
The series come in cutting width of 24”, 30”, 42”, 54” and 64” to fit your requirements.
*When Using with Graphtec specified media and cutting condition.

Ease-of-use operation
Cutting Plotter Controller Software enables remote control via a PC.

The Graphtec Cutting Plotter CE6000 Plus series.
Price Performance Leader.


Reliable cutting quality

Intuitive operation and easy to use

The CE6000 Plus series sets the standard for high performance, low cost cutting plotters. It is equipped with professional-level features such as registration mark sensing and perforation cutting for producing a dividing line of labels or packaging mock-ups. The advanced features of the CE6000 Plus series improve your work efficiency and increases productivity.


Models : CE6000-40 Plus, CE6000-60 Plus & CE6000-120 Plus/120-AMO Plus

Max. cutting area : 375mm x 50m, 603mm x 50m & 1213mm x 50m
Max. speed : 600mm/s, 900mm/s & 1000mm/s
Max. acceleration : 21.2m/s2 (2.2G), 21.2m/s2 (2.2G) & 13.9.2m/s2 (1.4G)
Max force : 3.2N (330gf), 4.9N (500gf) & 4.9N (500gf)

Reliable quality and consistent performance
- Reliable long length tracking
- Automatic paneling
- Supports perforation cutting

Improved ARMS5.0 for high precision cutting
- Auto mark detection
- Expanded effective cutting area
- Auto sensitivity adjustment
- Copy with ARMS
- Reduce detection time

Intuitive operation and easy to use
- Easier to cut in simple operation mode
- New large LCD for easy menu settings

Improved application software is included

Graphic Design application - Graphtec Pro Studio/Graphtec Studio

Easy-to-use application software for creating original designs. Includes enhanced functions such as auto-shapes, shading, and editing functions. It can also configure the cutting conditions and other settings on the plotter. Supports importing of EPS, AI, CMX and PDF files types. Graphics created with other popular design software can be imported into the software.

Supported OS :
Graphtec Pro Studio - Windows 10/8.1/8/7
Graphtec Studio - Mac OS X 10.6 - macOS10.12

Main Features:
- Creating designs using auto-shape, various line types, etc.
- Editing text using rotate, mirror, fit-to-shape, etc.
- Auto-trace (bmp, tif, jpg, etc. image format)
- Supports the connection and switching of multiple plotters
- Import EPS, DXF format files and othe raster format files
- Output by color
- Insert weeding lines & boarders

Plug-in software - Cutting Master 4

Cutting Master 4 is Graphtec plug-in software for Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. It sends cut data to the plotter and includes a variety of functions such as : preview, registration mark creation, tool conditions, cut job settings and more. Cutting Master 4 is easy to use and enables you to get the best performance from your plotter.

Supported OS :
Windows 10/8.1/8/7
Mac OS X 10.7 - macOS10.12

Supported Software :
Adobe Illustrator CC2017/CC2015.3/CC2014/CC/CS6/CS5/CS4
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite XB/X7/X6/X5/X4
Main Features:
- Editing the position on media, enlarging and reducing the graphic directly within the preview window
- Creating an outline of a letter, recognizing a line width and the overlap
- Output by a layer or color
- Inserting weeding lines @ boarders
- Splits large objects into smaller pieces with the tiling function
- Supports the connection and switching of multiple plotters

The Graphtec Automatic Sheet Feeder

Cut Labels, Cut Time

The auto sheet feeder reloads the media to the cutting plotter automatically. The cutting process is executed repeatedly with replacing the media. It enables to significantly improve productivity in cutting a large number of media with the same patterns. The following steps are automatically repeated continuity until specified number of copies are made.




- Maximum media size : 13" x 19"
- Stacking up to 200 sheets
- Average 13 to 14 sheets per second.




The Graphtec Flatbed Cutting Plotters
No Compromise, Low Cost, Die Free Cutting & Processing

The ultimate solution for prototyping and small production runs of rigid material without the use of cutting die. Reduce media waste/processing time with Graphtec 's precision cutting and dedicated software.



Models : FCX2000 Series / FC4500 Series






GRAPHTEC Spares Support

We carry a wide variety of spare parts supporting the Graphtec plotters and cutters installed in the region. Check with us for the spare parts you need.